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(Editor:Caffy 1/29/2015)

  Clash of Clans was involved to many top mobile games lists last year.Let's see some similar games to Clash of Clans,you can find them in 9game.
  Here is a list of top 3 addictive city building games that Facebook and mobile gamers will enjoy.


  Castle Clash

  This game is very similar to CoC, it uses a similar game mechanics. Its only difference is that you can keep your heroes or troops that survive a siege. The game focuses a lot on heroes and using their skills. Spells are also crucial in keeping the troops alive. Since the heroes are the center of focus, they have to be powered enough to wreck bases by themselves when the opponents are poorly defended.

  Boom Beach

  Boom beach is a game from the makers of CoC, this means that it is another epic strategy game which provides many hours of exciting game-play. The game is set up within a tropical archipelago. Your objective is to lead your troops in defending and invading the beautiful islands that are home to some of the ancient powers. You will have to engage war against the evil Blackguard. Each island within the game is unique and provides a different experience.

  Clash of Lords 2

  The Clash of Lords 2 game has over 500,000 ratings and reviews on the Play Store market, this makes it one of the most popular games like CoC. What makes this game really interesting is how simple and easy it is to play it. In the CoL 2, there is no need for training. This is because you engage in very exciting battles right from the start. You can be sure that your first experience in the game will be thrilling enough.

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