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What’s the Current State of Clash of Clans

(Editor:Caffy 1/27/2015)

  Clash of Clans had updated again recently,now let's see what's the current state of this game.
  “Clash of Clans” has been on the mobile app market for two years now, and the game has been enjoying great success ever since it came out. It introduced some innovative concepts to the field, while also popularizing older ideas that had previously seen success with other titles. Today, it’s still going strong and being played by many players on a daily basis, who’re enjoying it on Android and iOS. Reports indicate that the title sees over 8 million players every day, which is quite impressive for a mobile title.
    Clash of Clans

  What’s the current state of the game after the several updates it’s gone through? There have been many changes to the core gameplay, as player feedback has been shaping a more and more balanced playing field for everyone. Lately, there have been rumors about an upcoming new major update, and while it wasn’t released in 2014 as many were expecting, it’s now expected that Supercell are going to push out the new content sometime in the coming months.

  Details about the new update are already being reported, and it seems that the game is about to become even more intensive as another layer of depth is added to it. Several changes have been introduced to the gameplay – users now have the ability to upgrade an entire row of walls in one move, and now they can also use elixir for upgrading their walls, unlike previous versions which only allowed the use of gold.

  When watching a replay of an enemy attacking one’s village, it can now be seen what types of units the attacker was specifically using, and what level they are – something which players have been frequently requesting, and which Supercell have been rumored to be working on for quite a while now.

There’s also now a shorter delay for regenerating a troop’s health after an enemy attack, and the pace of the game has been brought up as a whole. Players can now train their troops more quickly as well, allowing them to resume combat much faster, or deploy their units for a surprise attack more effectively. There is a new flying character as well, which is aimed at taking down air defenses; last but not least, players can now upgrade the archer tower to level 13, making an already effective tool even better at its job.

  And of course, Town Hall 11 has been rumored to be coming in the new update, although this hasn’t been confirmed officially yet. It’s one of the most requested features for this game at this point though, so if the developers haven’t added it to the major 2015 update, it will disappoint a great number of fans.
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