Modern Traffic Speed Racer Car Simulation

Modern Traffic Speed Racer Car Simulation

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Outstanding Racing vehicles in this awesome racing game featured for maximum adventure. Burn up the tracks and race course with the tires friction and enjoy the insane physics based ride in this huge open world environment. Impossible tracks and heavy traffic difficult roads are the reason that this game is so engaging and captivating. Bring the ultimate challenge to the rivals on the road. All the racers are hungry for a race competition. More danger brings more reward to the table in the Racing Adventure Car Challenge. Push to limits of dangerous highway roads driving. Deeper in the traffic jams, hustle out of there like a rocket. Bring the Highway Car Drive a new excitement and meaning. Now the drift stunts with luxurious cars can bring new blood rush to the players. Easy and intuitive controls build up the best gameplay for this kind of racing game.
Racing Adventure Car Challenge offered in four modes.
• One way: Drive on the easiest roads of single direction Traffic, slide through vehicles.
• Two Way: Traffic in both directions in single road, more challenging and more fun
• Time Attack: Reach the destinations in time to avoid failing the racing task
• Speed Bomb: your vehicle is set on bomb, do not let the speed drop otherwise bomb will detonate and explode the vehicle.
Every racing mode has three stages as well. Top the last high score to your skills.
Sunny: With realistic sunshine and road surface reflection, this mode is perfect for speed driving
Rainy: Realistic rain effect and slippery surface simulation make this racing experience worth enjoying
Night: realistic night light poles, and oncoming traffic headlights
Racing Adventure Car Challenge features:
• Huge Car Collection: Select the car from a big garage
• Score maximum to unlock the huge variety of cars and fill the garage.
• Near Miss and sliding with other vehicles gives extra points.
• Fill up your nitrous oxide cylinder by avoiding the near hit with the trucks and buses.
• Hit the maximum speed and get bonus points.
• Drive on the opposite or wrong side to reach the maximum score points.
• Turn on the headlights in the nighttime to avoid hitting the traffic.
• Both two way and one way traffic system
• Difficulty rises with the time in the game.
• Multiple graphics quality options from the low to high quality
• Turn on and off the road reflection and rain effects.
• Drive through the suburbs and cities with complete urban environment.
Modern Traffic Speed Racer Car Simulation is trend setting top free game in racing. Lightening effect and road reflections make the racing enthusiasts more excited. With excellent driving skills, use your instincts to make the perfect driving showdown. Overtake challenge by the traffic is encouraging and fulfilling. This racing on high speed is for crazy racers with no feeling of endangerment. 3D car on slippery Rainy Road is best racing 3D Adventure. The highway traffic driving of High-speed sports cars and luxury vehicles includes stunts and tricks on the road as well. This car speed adventurous ride is challenge of legendary driving.


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